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Dr. Sarah Coniglio, D.C.

Dr. Sarah Coniglio, D.C.

The greatest wealth is health. ~Virgil

Dr. Sarah Coniglio, D.C.

Dr. Sarah Coniglio is a graduate of the Palmer West College of Chiropractic in San Jose California. Growing up on the Central Coast, she was excited to return to the area after graduation. While completing her undergraduate work at Cal Poly, she was a member of their Triathlon team, which began a passion for sports injury prevention and rehabilitation. During chiropractic school she completed her private pilot license and in the future she hopes to use this skill to bring Chiropractic services to underdeveloped rural areas.

Dr. Sarah believes in using low force adjustment techniques to restore normal function in the body. While at Palmer she studied Activator, Drop and Myofascial Release Techniques in addition to the standard diversified method of chiropractic. Dr. Sarah is one of the few Chiropractors on the Central Coast with an Ultrasound/Motor Nerve Stimulation unit, which decreases muscle tightness and helps the adjustment to last longer. She also emphasizes patient home care exercises which decrease healing time and thus number of patient visits.


After an accident that left me in a great deal of pain I visited Dr. Sarah. Her attention to detail, through conversation – simply asking where I was hurting – assessment and gentle way of adjusting was just what I needed. I was feeling better after the first visit. I also am very pleased with her suggestion of simple exercises and stretching to do at home. Very beneficial for my recovery.

Dr. Sarah has the patients total healthcare at the heart of her care and I so appreciate the attention to
re-assessment each time I visit. I continue to visit Dr. Sarah for adjustments as needed and highly recommend Dr. Coniglio to anyone who needs the gentle touch of a chiropractor and compassionate care.

Thank you, Dr. Sarah.

Jacque’ Prater
Owner Helping Hand Health Education


A thank you for Pain Relief!

I have been an active road bike rider for the past two years and suffered right shoulder pain after every long ride. Having used Chiropractic adjustments in the past, I made an appointment with Dr. Sarah Coniglio at the Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Templeton.

I was pleased to learn Dr. Sarah uses a variety of new technology and equipment to relieve and heal problem areas such as mine. Using state of the art equipment, Dr. Sarah’s ultra sound and muscle stimulation improved my shoulder pain within weeks. I go for regular tune ups and would recommend anyone with sports related injuries to see Dr. Sarah Coniglio as soon as possible!

Thom Schulz
Retired Pilot


About a month ago ago I was in agony, I could hardly turn my head and the muscles in the back of my neck were in terrible spasm. I had been suffering for weeks, used anti-inflamatory meds and took great care to move gently, but my condition was worsening. Since I’m relatively new to the area I didn’t know where to turn for help? As a retired Pediatric Dentist and Naval Officer, with a career of treating stressful and sometimes very uncooperative children, I’m no stranger to stress and to the physical ailments that can arise from the tension associated with that job, i.e. sore shoulders, neck, painful trigger points, etc. Many years ago, during my active practice, I needed to sometimes avail myself to the hands-on manipulation offered by a Doctor of Chiropractic, when standard medical care proved ineffective for me. I knew that I once again needed that approach since my neck discomfort was the worse that I could remember having.

Fortunately, a friend refered me to Dr. Sarah Coniglio in Templeton who listened patiently during my initial phone call where I described in detail my situation. She was able to get me in asap to her office for evaluation. I was immediately impressed by the time, patience and understanding that she gave me during that first visit…and her skill in diagnosing the reason for, and source of, my acutely painful problem. I subsequently needed several closely-spaced followup visits with Dr Coniglio in order to break the pain cycle. At each followup appointment I reported to her that I was steadily improving and feeling much better. Finally, after the last visit I was totally pain free and had full range of movement with my head and neck. I was once again smiling thanks to “Dr. Sarah!”

Dr. Michael Levine
Paso Robles, CA